Saturday, January 10, 2009

The One and Only: Caprice by Augusta Jones

Hold your breath but I've found my dress!!! &%&#&!!!

Yes, It's true, it happened. I found it. I fell in love. I bought it. And all when I least expected it! Time of revelation: Mid-day. Location of revelation: Jeannette's Bridal Boutique. Ally's heart rate after revelation? 155 beats but now slowed to a flutter of general excitement.

And what is this dress you might ask? Well her name is Caprice: designed by Augusta Jones, made in ivory Thai silk, fitted, asymmetrically bodiced, princess silhouetted, and a touch of whimsy with beautiful flowers peeking through the skirt folds.

The dress combines all of the elements I'd found in other dresses, each a strand of my personality. In "Minu" and "Nuccia" by Atelier Aimee, I found the beauty of fabric flowers and textured fabric and historical romance. In Melissa Sweet's "Felice," I found the sweetness of a dress and how rustic can be elegant. In Anne Barge's "Pansy," I found the grace of the ball gown, the layers of folds, its feminine silhouette.

But in Caprice, I've found everything: romance, beauty, grace, authentic, vintage, whimsy. Above all whimsy.

They say you know when you put on a dress that it's the one for you, without anyone saying so: and it's all totally true. When I tried on Caprice today I saw my whole wedding day panning out before me: the aisle, the love of my life, my flowers, the twang of our fiddlers, Oatlands, Virginia, Shenandoah. I stopped. I knew. This is the dress I want to be married in.

It was a long journey--three months of trying on gowns from one end of the fashion spectrum to another. I began wanting to be a super fashion icon, finding myself in the throes of designers who were chic and modern, but really not me. Then I found myself returning to traditional lines and looks but finding this too boring, too predictable. And then, somehow, once I found myself through all the advice and voices and opinions, I heard myself and knew it had to be "Caprice."

The pictures here do the gown no justice at all, but I've posted them here--front and back views--to only whet the appetite, as the dress in real life, and on me, is a whole different surprise!


Somer said...

love it!

Ally Armistead said...

Thanks, lady! I really hope it's as pretty in 6 months when the order comes in! : )