Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3 Months And Counting!

June was a busy month, and things have really started to come together!!

Here's what we've accomplished:
  • Program covers designed and ordered
  • Escort card design selected (paper leaves + vase of tree branches for decor)
  • Guest book table accessories purchased and assembled
  • Room arrangement finalized for both front and dining rooms of the Carriage House
  • 1 month of dance lessons under our belt!
  • Selected waltz as our first dance style
  • Selected a real strong contender for our first dance song (!)--"The Sweetheart Tree"
  • Finalized placement of bar (1) and bistro tables (3) in cocktail area
  • Finalized stamp for grass seed muslin bags (to place on each guest's chair at the ceremony
  • Wedding dress arrived from NYC!
  • Sent our wedding invitations
  • Finished and sent out our wedding website
  • Finalized our registry
  • Mom sent bridal invitations (August 1)
  • Purchased all glass votives and lace
  • Purchased fabric for bouts and pin-ons; mom in process of sewing
What's on tap for July
  • Pick/finalize Chris + wedding party's suit, tie, accessories
  • Set-up wedding dress fittings
  • Finalize wedding shoes
  • Finalize table + linen + flatware/dish count with We Party and Savoir Fare
  • Finish decor proposal for Katherine and Kate's review and approval
  • Purchase writing paper, envelopes, pens, well wishes label for guest book table
  • Finish all lace votives
  • Make all escort card leaves; send to calligrapher
  • Play with escort card branch display
  • Make jam jar paper votives, purchase paper
  • Begin brainstorming about how to make paper sign "Find Your Seat" for escort card table
  • Purchase all gaffer tape for lighted tree branches
  • Select rehearsal dinner postage, order invite postcards
  • Purchase thank you card stationary
  • Finalize measurements of front hall of Carriage House; order lights
  • Meet with musicians July 7; arrange music for ceremony and reception
  • Rehearsal dinner walkthrough

Monday, June 29, 2009

First Dance Song: "The Sweetheart Tree"

Every since I was a little girl, Henry Mancini's song "The Sweetheart Tree" has always brought indescribable joy into my life--one that simultaneously makes me teary-eyed and deliciously nostalgic, that makes me want to photograph and frame every wonderful moment of my life. It's the kind of song that stays with you, that transports you into another time when sweethearts picnicked on lawns, kissed under parasols, carved their initials in dogwood trees. It's the kind of song that makes you, whether you do or not, believe in love.

First airing in 1965, the song complemented the charm and whimsy of Blake Edward's film The Great Race (starring Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon) and was nominated for an academy award for the best original musical composition. The first time I saw the movie, I was eight-years-old, eating popcorn with mom and dad as Jen and I crowded around our VCR, laughing at the villainous Professor Fate (Jack Lemmon) and the heroic Great Leslie (Tony Curtis) as they performed death-defying feats to wow the crowds. While I remember the crazy contraptions, the great race, the infamous pie scene, and the ice bergs from Edwards' quirky film, what I remember the most is Natalie Wood singing "The Sweetheart Tree". At eight-years-old, I remember thinking: "this is how I want to feel when I meet the man I'm supposed to marry," and now, on the verge of matrimony at 31, I can't think of any other song I'd like to dance to with Chris, that captures how I feel about him more truly:

They say there's a tree in the forest
A tree that will give you a sign
Come along with me, to The Sweetheart Tree,
Come and carve your name next to mine.

They say if you kiss the right sweetheart
The one you've been waiting for
Big blossoms of white will burst into sight
And your love will be true evermore.

While the song was initially performed with vocals and spindly piano playing (!), there are a number of instrumental adaptations, and easily enough adapted for our band of fiddlers, guitar, and mandolin players. What's more, is that Chris and I can dance the waltz to its rhythm, which has been our favorite dance during our lessons the last month at Now and Then studios.

We plan to meet with our band on Juy 7, so I hope they'll be able to accommodate our request! I just so love this song. More to follow! Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner Planning

Here's the scoop:
  • Dinner is three courses: salad, entree, dessert.
  • 3 tables seating 10
  • Place cards required with names, to specify chicken or fish--maybe I'll just use a chicken or fish stamp (haha)
  • Rental cost ($155) of slide and projector for computer-run slideshow of friends and family from AV Arlington. Will require someone to pick it up on Friday, October 2 between 2 and 4 p.m., and return on Monday by 10 a.m. Chris suggested having one of our groomsmen take care of this--probably Bill or Matt W., since they'll be coming to Leesburg from Falls Church.
  • Cake to celebrate both grannies Oct. 6 birthday
  • Toast from Chris' dad
  • Toast from Chris and/or me thanking everyone

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Holy Wow, Lots of Stuff In Transit

Seriously. Our house is turning into a wedding workshop. We're elves. Boxes are our furniture. Kitty's... well, she's just kitty. But still, she's sniffing. EVERYTHING.

Lots of stuff is still on the way, and I'm typing it all here because otherwise, I'll forget. Indulge me.

What's Arrived (thus far)
  • 72 glass votives
  • 40 electric tea lights (to go with 36 tea lights we already have)
  • 8 yards of lace
  • 10 sample muslin bags
  • 2 bail handle mason jars
  • scalloped tags for pie boxes
  • 42 antique ivory typewriter keys (awesome!!!)
  • 6 frogs
  • 6 apothecary jars
  • 1 installment of lace
  • ivory tags
  • bird muslin bags
  • 11 sets of typewriter keys
  • Three 5 x 7 sepia-tinted engagement photos for brown wood frame (guest book table)
  • tree stamp
  • 1 pack of 12 pint-sized mason jars
  • 1 sample table card holder (pie display/signs)
  • 1 apothecary jar (large) for well wishes
  • manzanita branches (2)
  • purple tissue paper for escort cards
  • Address numbers + aging paint (?)
  • Paper for mason jar votives (carriage rail)
  • Paper for escort card sign
  • rubber stamps for rehearsal dinner placecards (maybe)
  • Chalkboard, antique
  • Photos for Judy and Kate
  • wine corks
  • Placecard sets: ivory, plum, expresso
  • 2 stamps (fish, chicken)
  • Bigger pie boxes
  • Table card wooden numbers (2-8), 7 picture frames
  • 4 manzanita branches
  • 3-inch hole punch
  • 30 rehearsal dinner postcards
  • 1 set of stamps, rehearsal dinner post cards
  • 4 parasols (remaining 11 are rented)
What's Still On the Way
  • 6 yards of lace for pie boxes
  • Patrick's watch
  • Jen's earrings
  • 26 yards of lace for pie boxes
  • yards of lace for finishing lace votives (seller will check for more that's the right match)
What We Still Need To Purchase
  • Antique pen for guest book table
  • Calligraphy for brown leaves + envelope for well wishes jar
  • Thank You stationary
  • Lights for dance hall
  • Sign--"Supper"... maybe flowers instead?
  • Anniversary card/gift for Matt and Katie
  • Gifts Somer
  • Groomsmen gifts (Chris)
  • Program paper, printing costs
  • Labeling material for "well wishes" jar--calligraphy? inside jar?
  • Ribbon + garland for escort table sign
Remaining Balances
  • Musicians ($900)
  • Lighted Trees ($240)
  • Flowers ($1200)
  • Parasol Rental ($200)
  • Honeymoon
  • Norris B&B
  • Cabin down payment ($374)

Seed Bags: Stamps, Fabric, Options

Friday, June 12, 2009

Guest Table: Out with Mailboxes, In with Apothecary Jars, Typewriter, Scraps of Old Paper

I adore these apothecary jars--and even more the idea of filling them with typewriter keys, twigs, leaves, and of course an empty one where guests can leave us notes and well wishes!! I think this will look really cute alongside our typewriter, antique pens, and pretty parchment paper. Other accessories for the guest table include fresh wildflowers in a glass milk jug and a framed invitation and/or one or two sepia-colored engagement photos of Chris and me.

I ordered the apothecary jars today.

What I need:

Typewriter keys
Cool pens
Parchment paper

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Awesome Pie Box Labels!

Somer found these and I LOVE them. Ordered several samples. On the way!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Beatiful Fall Inspiration

For how-to, check here.

Does Anyone Know Where We Can Find The Following....???

  1. Vintage sitting mailbox (that you can put on a table for guests to access easily) or antique mail slots. See this page for what we're after or the mailbox on this page.
  2. A table as awesome as this one.
  3. Spray paint that makes things look rusty and old.
  4. Cool rustic looking baskets. We need two with handles so that they can hang from shepherd's hooks--one for programs, one for grass seed puches--and we need one without a handle that can hold 70-80 4-inch pie boxes (preferably round so that we can display them on a plant stand.
  5. House numbers that we could use as table stands (table cards). See this page for what we're after.
  6. Doily, scalloped edged paper in expresso color for making this kind of sign.
  7. A good deal on grass seed.
  8. These kinds of natural or kraft hang tags for pie boxes.
  9. Virginia wines that you love!! We'd love your recommendations.

Rustic Inspiration

Pretty LIghts

This effect of single, fabric-lined votives would be beautiful lining the Carriage House rail. This weekend, we ordered a case of 6 dozen votives for an amazing price, as well as more lace!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dessert Bar, Sweet Love

We'd need to measure, but having a dessert bar and a "Sweet Love" sign along the wall of our Carriage House dining room would be AMAZING! The sign seems somewhat easy to make, though we'd need to get the right paper and suspend with twine or ribbon--per Katherine's permission, of course. As for extra pies, we could either display the favor boxes there, or perhaps whole pies made by Mom's Apple Pie Bakery. On testing day, we'll measure accordingly.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Vintage Mail Boxes: Guests Write Letters!

I think I love this idea even MORE than the typewriter!! Here are my thoughts: display fun vintage mailbox or rustic mail slots, set out ivory envelopes and/or left over ivory envelopes from our stationary (already stamped), parchment paper, stamps, pens, and maybe our typewriter (room permitted). Guests can write or type us letters, brief notes, slip them in an envelope or not, and deposit it in our mailbox/mail slots. I love it. Other ideas: making our own love note stationary.

Supplies required:
  • Mailbox or rustic mail slots
  • Stationary
  • Stamps
  • Paper
  • Card instructing guests (perhaps one of our leftover invitation stock)
  • Rubber stamp with something cute!

Other Escort Card Ideas...