Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Think We've Found Our Cake Design!!!

Holy wow, this cake is amazing. I've been searching, searching for the right design, and then POW(!), there it is--and the beautiful sugar flowers even match those on my wedding dress. What more could a girl want?! I absolutely adore the illusion of fabric trim around the base of each tier, the fact that it's all white, and that the whole cake is whimsical and festive. I ADORE it.

Our next step is to send this image over to Carolyn Taylor, our cake maker and pastry extraordinaire, to see if she might be able to replicate it. We'll ask her, too, about whether we could do this in ivory or white--what would look better. Either way, because it's neutral in color, we'll be able to use buttercream for the frosting instead of fondant, which is a wonderful thing.

We'll send it her way this morning and keep you posted!

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