Monday, August 31, 2009

More Hair Ideas!!

5 Weeks To Go!!!

What's left???!
  1. Guest book table pens
  2. Make all escort cards: ribbon + typewriter keys
  3. Finalize all "final" touches" for escort card table: cards, sign, tree, placement.
  4. Assign groom's party, Pat, & dad ties! We have so many pretty ones!
  5. Wrap Jen, Pat's, and Somer's gifts + write thank you cards
  6. Send Jen Chase form--waiting for Kate's wedding time line to enter details.
  7. Purchase all alcohol. (*still assembling cost estimate*)
  8. Have Somer touch up the guest book table chalkboard sign (I messed it up. sigh)
  9. 2nd dress fitting.
  10. Finish drafting programs, print out, assemble in covers with ribbon.
  11. Get fabric for sink skirts and cushion!!
  12. Get thank you cards for parents.
  13. Write out cards for Matt + Katie + Grandmas + parents.
  14. Place cake order for Grannies at rehearsal dinner.
  15. Cut twine for napkins and label.
  16. Cut twine for favor boxes.
  17. Finish rehearsal dinner slideshow.
  18. Find table for TV/DVD at rehearsal dinner room.
  19. Hand over all materials for Somer for rehearsal dinner: place cards, table cards, pint-sized mason jars
  20. Another hair trial.
  21. Write seat chart for rehearsal dinner on chalkboard easel.
  22. Print out rehearsal dinner instruction cards.

All things pie!

So, alas, our pie problems are solved! God bless Whole Foods. The staff there offers the most adorable little 2.5-inch apple tarts, made fresh every day. We've got pie, we've got boxes, and an adorable design concept of vintage lace, hand-stamped "thank you" cards, twine, and peach hypericum berries from our florist, Judy. I can't wait!!

Timing for all this is a bit trickier, however, since we'll be in Leesburg on until the wedding. One idea is to place the order at the Fairfax Whole Foods--which is much closer!--and pick them up early Friday morning so we can spend the day (at least until 3 PM) wrapping them up in our little boxes. Timing, is everything!

Friday, August 21, 2009

More Appointments, More Goodies On The Way!!!

Goodies on the Way
  • Sample earrings
  • Somer's gift (no hints!!)
  • Jen's lilac wrap
  • Jen's shoes--three pairs, two colors, two sizes to try.
  • Guy's suits--measured, ordered, on the way. Still need to look at Patrick's suit, however.
  • Escort cards + table cards from Debi with her pretty penwomanship
Goodies We Still Need
  • Flower pins for hair
  • Wedge shoes for outdoor ceremony?
  • All beverages--wine, champagne, etc. (still waiting to hear back from Joan)
  • Final ties for guys
  • Pens for guest book table--or cartridges for the ones we have
  • Ribbon for escort card table
  • Fabric for bathroom
  • Ribbon for escort cards

August 22: Trial hair and make-up at Cloud Nine Salon
August 29: Meet with Kate at Oatlands to review event and decor
August 30: Meet with Judy to finalize all floral products + order flowers + drop off glassware, bout leaves, ribbon, and twine.
September 1: Meeting with Nicholas, review of program draft for ceremony.
September 8: 2nd dress fitting

License to Wed!!!!

So, Chris and I are officially registered in Virginia to marry!!! We met at the Arlington Courthouse today, filled out an application, raised our right hands, and took an oath that all information was indeed correct and not fabricated--so romantic. HAHA. Actually, it kinda was, especially when we devoured the oh-so-thoughtful cupcakes that Babs gave us to celebrate!!!

So brace yourselves, Virginia! You just granted us a license to marry. muhahahaha.

43 days and counting.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pearl Earrings

So, I am in the market for a pair of lovely, dangle pearl earrings! They'll go so beautifully with my dress and wide open neckline!

Let me know if you see a pair of pretty ones!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Last Pieces of the Planning Puzzle

What a crazy week this has been--I'm really feeling the pressure to put all the pieces together of our wedding: vendors, logistics, schedule, etc. The good news is that I've got it all mapped out in a document I'm almost ready to hand over to our ATrendy wonder team. The document is broken out from the perspective of each vendor and wedding party/family member--what time they need to be there, instructions, etc.--as well as a bird's eye view of the whole day.

The biggest challenge, however, and the piece I'm STILL trying to resolve is where we have a formal family portrait photography session. Here our options:

We have a formal portrait session during the cocktail hour.

  • This doesn't cost extra money.
  • This will be really tight and may interrupt the flow of the evening. Since Granny and Pansy will be picked up at the garden gates at 6 PM and delivered to the mansion circle around 6:20 or so, only to be picked up again by 6:35/6:40 to be delivered to the Carriage House, that really only leaves us 20 minutes (at the absolute MOST) to have a portrait session. That, and if we have the portrait session here, the Grannys won't really get much of a chance to enjoy cocktails, if at all.
  • If it rains, and the cocktail hour has to be moved to the Carriage House, where will we take photos? If it's light rain, and the ceremony is still outdoors, we could have a session RIGHT after the ceremony at the mansion circle, under the portico, and still have time to get everyone over to the Carriage House via horse/carriage. However, if the ceremony is moved indoors on account of rain, this is really tricky, as Chris and Ally will take a carriage ride right after the ceremony, and won't return until later in the evening, just before the reception, which leaves little time for photos, if at all.
We pay $200 more to rent the carriage an hour earlier, and have all family arrive at Oatlands by 4 PM

  • If we cut our wedding party and bride/groom cameos a bit shorter (say from 3:15-4 PM), we could have all family arrive by 4 PM for formal shots. The carriage would be available to escort the Grannys to the mansion for photos. They'd arrive at 4:20 where we'd have formal shots. Then, we'd wrap up by 5--all pre-ceremony photography--and the carriage would then take the Grannys to the ceremony garden.
  • Rain or shine, this plan will hold up.
  • This plan costs us more money.
We don't rent the carriage an hour earlier, but still have all family arrive at Oatlands by 4:30 PM.

  • We don't have to splurge for an extra hour of the carriage.
  • We have ALL family show up at 4:30 at the Carriage House and take the photos there, which would allow the Grannys to be at the original pick-up spot for the carriage that will take them down to the ceremony garden.
  • With family arriving for their portraits by 4:30, the bride/groom + wedding party can have more time for their photos (3:15-4:30).
  • If it rains, Ally can provide vintage umbrellas for shots, or we can move to the Administrative building under the porch top.
  • I can't think of any.
Not have formal family portraits, and just have cameos during the cocktail hour.

  • No worry for extra planning.
  • We miss out on family portraits that family might really like.
  • If it rains and we have to move the cocktail hour inside, we will have very limited space for portraits.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pretty Lilac Wrap from J. Crew!!!

Thanks Somer for finding this beauty!!! Jen, we should totally get these!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Arts and Crafts, Onward and Upward

It's going, going, going.... arts + crafts + stamina = wedding. We hope.

In the last few days, we've accomplished quite a lot in the decor department, so I'm recording it here and will continue to do so to keep us motivated!!

Seed Bags: All stamped (front and back), ribbons cut. Still need to fill with grass seed and fasten ribbon.

Favor Boxes: All lace cut, all twine ribbon cut (though I don't like the starchier twine and may purchase more and re-cut), all "thank you" tags stamped (front and back). Testing out home made tarts this weekend.

Table Cards: Finalized design. Purchased ivory card stock. Still need to cut 3-inch circles and mail to Debi for calligraphy. Also need to send Debi photo of table card on mason jar.

Lace Votives: Done.

Jam Jar Votives: Done.

Glassware for flowers: Boxed and ready to go. Need to label for Judy, finalize flower checklist. need to purchase more twine for ribbon.

Escort Cards: Finalized design. Ordered 3.5 by 2.5 inch ivory 1=ply card stock tents from Bella Figura. Bella Figura will send to Debi for calligraphy. Need to send Debi fabric swatches, and sample of vintage typewriter key on fabric on card.

Escort Card Table: Made dry-run of "Find Your Seat" sign. Still working on background color and ribbon integration. Assembled tree branch display and leaf concepts. Need to secure tree branch with walnuts, rocks, etc. Need to purchase African violets and spray paint pots and configure arrangement around base. Need to photograph for ATrendy decorating team.

Guest Book Table: All accessories here and in apothecary jars. Vintage pen arrived, but need ink cartridge. Typewriter all ready, but need new ribbon. Have parchment paper for typewriter. Have ivory cards for well wishes. Have chalkboard sign, but need to write "Well Wishes to the Newlyweds." Have arrangement photographs, but need to set-up again, integrate with escort table.

Dance Cards: Need to decide whether I'm doing this, to loop over chairs.

Rehearsal Dinner: Have place cards. Need calligraphy. Ordered chalkboard easel for seating chart. Need to make table cards. Need to finish slideshow. Need to purchase bud vases, make flower selection. Need to make direction cards.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Horse & Carriage Schedule: Granny Alice, Grandma Pansy, Jen, Family to Assist

So, here is the final schedule of the horse & carriage pick-up for the wedding day! Jen, KaJe, mom, and others please review, let me know if this will work?

5 PM: Carriage arrives at Carriage House parking lot to pick-up 1. KaJe, 2. Jerry, 3. Granny Alice, 4. Pansy, and 5./6. two other family passengers to assist her (the carriage only holds six)--who should these two be? Sandra? John? Kristen and Amanda? Uncle Chris and Lea? No one? Dad will not be available to assist her, as he will be at the mansion with me and party.

Carriage will drop off passengers at the ceremony garden gates. Guests will walk through the gates and down to the garden to be seated in the first two rows.

NOTE: 7-10 minutes are allotted for loading and unloading.
NOTE: Groom's party will ensure that Granny, Pansy, KaJe, and Jerry are all pinned/receive their bouts/corsages.

5:30: Ceremony

6 PM: Ceremony ends. Cocktail hour begins. Carriage is arrives at garden gates to pick up Granny Alice, KaJe, Jerry, Pansy, and two more members to assist Pansy. Carriage drops off passengers at mansion circle. Guests will then walk down 4 stone steps. A bench is right there for seating and will be reserved for Granny and Pansy. Guests assisting them can bring them drinks from the bar, which is only 2 flights of stairs/landings down from them. Appetizers served via tray.

6:50: Carriage arrives at mansion circle to pick-up Granny, Pansy, Jen, Paul, and two other family members. Carriage delivers passengers to Carriage House for Reception. Other guests will walk to Carriage House with bride and groom.

7 PM: Reception begins.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

7 weeks and counting! A few updates

Um, 7 weeks, 56 days, lots of hours. I'm excited. I'm panicked. I'm.... WOW.

We've done so much in the last few weeks that my head's spinning with excitement, panic, relief, and then more excitement. In short, it's a roller coaster. For my sanity, I'm recording a few key updates here on the progress we've made, and what we still have left to do. Bear with me! : )
  • Groomsmen: They've ordered suits and shirts and everyone is ready to go but Matt McClinch and Patrick A!! Also, dad needs to get an ivory shirt--or not. He can go with whatever he likes. Dad is helping us with the necktie selection, so we need to get that ironed out ASAP. Chris has their gifts selected; just need to purchase. I have Patrick's gift. Just waiting for arrival and need to wrap.
  • Jen: Her larger size came in the mail on Thursday (!), so we have room for baby. We're good to go, just need to tailor as we near the wedding. Shoes have been ordered. Matron of Honor gift arrived yesterday. Need to wrap! Hair and make-up appointment made (along with mine) for the morning of the wedding at 10:45 a.m.
  • Me: Had my first dress fitting on Thursday! WOW. Love. My. Dress. Have a second fitting scheduled in early September. Have my shoes, but need heel pads for traction while dancing. Need to find dangling pearl earrings--it will be so pretty! Have a hair and make-up trial run scheduled on August 22 at Cloud Nine in Leesburg. Also made appointments for wedding day make-up and hair.
  • Bouts/corsage fabric leaves: Mom is working on these (thank you mom)! We've decided to go with black/brown checkered leaves for men; lilac for women. These need to be wrapped up by the second week in September.
  • Bridal Shower thank you cards: Shower was too much, so lovely, felt so loved. Mom is amazing. Ordered thank you cards in the same suite as bridal shower invites. Should arrive this week and hope to get them written and mailed.
  • Rehearsal Dinner: Invites stamped and addressed. Just need to send out. Going with KaJe and Jerry today to scope out the space. Need to finalize place card, table card, and seating chart details. Also need to scan in all pictures at Kinkos for slideshow, select music, begin creation. Also need to place order at Heidleburg for birthday cake for granny twins!
  • Cabin for week before wedding/few friends night of wedding: Reserved Winridge Wednesday-Sunday. Has lots of space and ovens for pie making!, which we'll be doing on Thursday and Friday. Final payment due August 30th.
  • Reception decor: Looking good. Need to finish table votives, make escort table sign, order table cards/escort card paper from Bella Figura/work with Debi on calligraphy, make Dance Cards, finalize guest book table details (maybe more pens), finalize tree display. Almost finished with logistics document for ATrendy. Due very soon. Appointment and walk-through on August 29th/30th (need to confirm).
  • Ceremony decor: Finish all seed bags.
  • Programs: Content drafted, ready for Nicholas to review September 8th. Still need to finish Thank Yous and finalize expresso print color. Then, will take to Kinkos for mass printing and folding. Need to finalize ribbon selection and assembly all programs.
  • Bathrooms: Purchased fabric for sink skirts and cushions. Need to get these to mom for sewing (thank you mom!). Have all bathroom kit supplies. Need to purchase basket, soaps, and towels, and arrange prettily.
  • Beverages for Reception: All liquor, wine, beer needs to be purchased. We decided to go with the Malbac for red, and Barboursville Pinot Grigio for white. Chris has also selected Dominion October Fest for beer.
  • Final Payments: Photographer (September 19); Caterer (final head count: September 19th, final payment: September 21); ATrendy (at rehearsal); Cake (final head count: September 19th, final payment: September 21); Florist, handled by Chris and Ally (week of wedding); Musicians, handled by Chris and Ally (September 21st), Officiant, handled by Chris and Ally (September 8th); Umbrellas, handled by Ally (week of wedding).
  • Confirm prayers/toasts at all events. Rehearsal dinner: Nicholas (prayer), Chris (toast). Wedding: Nicholas (prayer), Bert (toast), Dad (toast), Ally (toast), open floor.
  • Thank you gifts remaining: Somer, mom, dad, KaJe, Jerry.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Monkey Suits Make Me Bananas!

So, yeah... yesterday, before dance class/practice, Chris and I went over to the infamous Men's Wearhouse to yet again, be disappointed. We've discovered that stores pretty much ANYWHERE only rent out TUXEDOS, and not suits, which is really not good for our situation. I've gotta say, we're really not a fan of the satin stripes down slacks, or satin lapels, or pretty much anything satin period, which is frustrating because tuxedos = satin. Honestly, all we want is a plain 'ole BLACK suit. Can a bride catch a break? Sheesh.

So, one idea we had was to have everyone wear whatever black two-button suit they already have. I know dad and Patrick have one, and I suspect that Matt M., Matt W., Bert, and Bill may have one? But here's the trick: there are so MANY shades of black. Is this a big deal? What should we do? I'd seriously hate to have everyone BUY a new suit just to match? hmm... This may sound ridiculous, but one idea I had was to be a crazy woman and have the guys show me their suit coats (just to see), and from there we can figure out who needs what.

Other than that, our plan is to rent ivory shirts (the color of my dress) from Men's Wearhouse and to purchase neckties. So far, I've purchased four of them (adorable!), all in purple accents, but I need to see how they look against the patterned fabric of the bouts. Not sure if a patterned tie or a solid tie would pull things together better, or if it would be too much to give every guy a DIFFERNT patterned tie but all in the same hue and range of our color palette. I'll bring some samples over to mom's house and we can play!

But seriously, let me know if you have ANY ideas.


Color, hue, pattern-challenged bride