Friday, September 4, 2009

Lingering stuff we need or need to do....

  • 2 cigar ashtrays
  • escort card ribbon and key gluing
  • make a "welcome" sign for the escort table (decided "Find Your Seat" was yucky)
  • 2 coasters for mason jars for guest book table
  • pens for guest book table
  • re-sole my dance shoes
  • give ties to groomsmen
  • show Jen shoe and wrap options
  • send Jen Chase final photography form (pending Kate's timeline)
  • Write checks to all remaining vendors. For Chris + Ally: florist, musicians, B&B, honeymoon, trees, parasols.
  • Chris needs to write four remaining Thank Yous in programs, print at Kinkos and fold, insert with ribbon into program covers
  • Mark all decor boxes for Kate and team
  • 2nd dress fitting--Sept. 8
  • Chris needs to pick up his suit, as do all groomsmen who ordered one!
  • Wrap gifts + write cards!
  • Rehearsal dinner materials (Somer)
  • Bathroom sink skirts (mom)
  • Send in wedding announcement to Washington Post
  • Place tart order 3 days before Friday at Whole Foods.
  • Order cake for grannies for rehearsal dinner
  • Cut twine for napkins
  • Cut twine for pie boxes

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