Monday, March 2, 2009

Coco Wedding Invitations--Not Quite What We Expected

So, a few days ago we ordered this "Coco" wedding stationary--which we fell in love with for the dark brown texture, the dried flower on the front, the recycled paper inlet, and the do-it-yourself component of assembling the invitations. However, much to our dismay, the sample doesn't live up its online presence. Sigh.

Part of the problem is that the brown color is almost too "rust" colored, whereas we were hoping for a more dark, rich brown. The dried flower is "eh" and the inside is sloppy, misaligned and the paper a bit too "see-though." It's got about 70% of what we're looking for, though. Close, but no cigar. We're back on the hunt!

Here are a few others that we've ordered samples for! On some of these we can order different colors that would match our event, but the samples only come in a stock palette.

The other option is to make our own, using a cool image or paper and accessories. I'll explore a bit more on this. Another trip to Michael's is in order. We welcome other suggestions! So send 'em along.

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