Monday, March 23, 2009

We're Registered!! A Miracle

Holy wow, we did it. Chris and I actually registered some gifts for the wedding. It took a lot of inertia, and there was even talk of just asking for cash (!), but we did it: a la Crate and Barrel and Sur La Table. While we are open to gifts off the registry, we'd really, really prefer gifts on the registry, as we have a new household to furnish for two people, instead of one!

The registry URLs will be available in our invitation packet, surely, but for now, here they are below. Just go to a URL, click "Give a Gift" and search on "Chris McClinch" or "Allyson Armistead." Some of these items we may purchase ourselves ahead of time to help accommodate Chris' move (!). But nonetheless, we've got another wedding duty we can cross off our lists and that's a truly awesome thing.

Crate and Barrel Registry

Sur La Table Registry

1 comment:

Somer said...

ummm, I already bought you EVERYTHING on your registry! what are you going to do now?