Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seven-And-A-Half-Months And Counting

It's been almost a month since I've last written--between post-holiday recovery, the semester starting, and life in general, I've been out of commission with blogging! But the wedding planning still continues.

Last month, we booked a day-of wedding coordinator and decorator (Kate at ATrendy Weddings, Inc.), reserved rehearsal dinner space at LightFoot restaurant (thank you, KaJe and Jerry!), and have unearthed many, many more decorative ideas for the reception.

So, as of today, we've got 7.5 months to go until the big day, and though we've made a pretty big dent in the wedding process, we've got oh-so-much more to do.

At the 7.5-month mark, we need to focus on the following for the next 1-2 months:
  • Bridesmaid dress for Jen
  • Flower selection
  • Creating sample/test decorations for reception
  • Stationary
  • Cake decor
  • Honeymoon/wedding night reservations
  • Finalizing wedding musicians
  • Register for gifts
What's interesting is that the first five to-dos are all dependent on color--the theme that will tie everything together. Based on our linen selection, it seems that we are focusing on whites, ivories, browns, and natural organic flowers and greenery. I'd like to thread that through everything, I think--dead tree branches, eyelet, ivory ribbon, lace, rust, and candlelight.

We have much to do! But we're going strong, and hanging in there.

Next steps:
  • Continue to check-in with Bell/Blake duo while searching for musician alternatives.
  • Make a trip to Michael's and G-Street Fabric for supplies to test out votives, signs, and possibly invitations.
  • Make trips to stationary/paper stores.
  • Register for gifts.
  • Reserve appointments at 2-3 boutiques for March when Jen come to visit.
  • Revisit Oatlands (once they reopen March 23) to test out linens, chairs, and some preliminary decorations.
  • Write Katherine Farley (at Oatlands) about using their branch/light decor.
More to follow!

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