Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We Purchased Chris' Ring Today!!

So Chris' Celtic ring is on its way from Arlington, Ireland, and we hope to see it soon!

We decided on the Platinum bland to ensure its longevity and endurance, especially since Chris is always lifting heavy objects, cooking, or banging his hands about in his Chris-erly way.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that it fits, but it if it doesn't, Sine Trevor--our Irish jewel maker--will fix it up for only a $35 fee.

With any luck, we'll have the ring by St. Patty's Day!

Another item crossed off our wedding list, and so many more to go.


Somer said...

ooooh - shiny!

Ally Armistead said...

This ring makes Chris spontaneously erupt into "MY PRECIOUS....." hahaha