Thursday, April 2, 2009

Decoration Supplies: Getting Ready for the 11th

So, I ordered a few more samples today to play with when we all head out to Oatlands for TESTING DAY 1.0 on April 11th. By then, I'm hoping to have made a sample eyelet/lace votive, a favor box, and perhaps select a few flowers from my favorite bouquet list to try out in the mason jars. Also in attendance will be two sample reception chairs, as well as a variety of linen and flatware/platware, so we can see what works in this Carriage House of ours.

Other updates: we're still not sure about battery-operated lights on the tree branches that will hang from each of the four poles. Reasons?

(1) they're expensive
(2) we'd have to buy a crapload of them
(3) even with all of them, they only come in 20 lights bulbs a strand and we need 100 bulbs for each tree to make a difference (according to the designer who's loaning the branches to me)
(4) even with 5 of these strands, we have 5 battery packs that we'd have to conceal--a lot more cumbserome then properly securing plug-in wires for normal Christmas lights.

So, Chris was a genius and found thin, brown gaffer tape (that matches the floors--we hope!) to secure the wires. We'll try it out on the 11th and go from there re: plug-in vs.battery-operated.

Still left to consider: lights for the dance hall portion of the Carriage House. I'm still undecided about all of this, though I'm thinking of ordering a few types of lights to sample from Sival Lighting.

More to follow!

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