Monday, April 6, 2009

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs!

So, I am completely in love with having rustic-looking wooden signs all over Oatlands like these!

Perhaps one to point the way to the wedding, one to the cocktail hour, one to the reception (maybe even an "Almost there!" sign since there's a bit of walking), one that says "Supper" for the Carriage House and maybe even "Dance Hall." Or, maybe I'm completely crazy.

Point is: these are awesome. Challenge is: making them. I've inquired if Chris' manly crew can assist us with these--getting scraps of thin wood planks, some white paint and we're good to go.

Any thoughts? Any takers? I need a sign maker, ASAP. If not, then I'm getting out my tools, saw, and other sharp objects (and you know what happens to my pinkies when that happens).

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