Sunday, April 26, 2009

Five Months to Go!!

April was a busy, busy month for us, but so much is pinned down. We're at the five month mark, which seems so soon and yet so far away! We've done so much, but there's still so much to do.

In the past few weeks we've mapped out a good portion of things, including a color scheme, flowers, and finalizing our booking with all vendors, which is a huge relief. Our invitations are off to the printers as we speak, and lots of fun decor projects are in the works.

Here's what we've done for April, and here's where we're going for May. Hold your breath, because we're holding ours!

April Accomplishments
  • Finalized our table count, linens, flatware, and plateware for the Carriage House dining room: 9 tables + 1 cake table.
  • Booked our florist, Judy Gerow, for 2 bouquets, 13 pin-ons, and flowers orders for 9 mason quart jars, 4 pint jars, lavender sprigs, napkins, and other.
  • Have a color scheme: ivory, white, expresso, purple, lilac.
  • Selected a shape for a bridal and matron of honor bouquet, as well as the type of flowers to be included.
  • Found an amazing boutonnierre design, as well as the type of flowers to be included.
  • Finalized our invitation wording, which is now off to the press.
  • Sent half our payment to our honeymoon destination.
  • Finalized decor in dining room of Carriage House: 3 votive candles in lace per table, table card printed by Bella Figura, mason jar of flowers, express napkin wrapped with twine and sprig of limonium and aster.
  • Created "wedding" sign!
  • Began drafting schedule, logistics plan document for ATrendy Weddings.
Next Steps for May:
  • Finalize flower order, send in half payment.
  • Send fabric swatches of color palette to moms, grandmoms, and Jen.
  • Finalize vendor schedule, detailed plan for arrival and assembly.
  • Finalize table count for bars, guest table, etc.
  • Order/text different lights for dance hall in Carriage House.
  • Have a testing day at the Carriage House for the dance hall--furniture arrangement, decor testing.
  • Begin looking at suit options for Chris and gang.
  • Begin creating wine/champagne/beer list for reception--dad is leading this effort.
  • Pick out fabric for boutonnierre leaves; work with mom to sew them.
  • Purchase 30 more glass votices + lace; begin making these.
  • Finalize concept for lavender sprig escort cards: type of paper, writing, presentation, placement in dance hall.
  • Figure out whether there needs to be place cards at the tables for guests, and whether Ally has the energy to write letters to each guest!!
  • Begin planning outdoor area for sign placement, number of signs, and luminaries.
  • Continue researching rehearsal dinner invitations--postcards or stationary.
  • Send invitations to calligrapher; select calligraphy, purchase stamps.
  • Find pair of shoes for wedding dress.
  • Begin dance lessons in group setting.
  • Send engagement picture and announcement into the Washington Post.
  • Call bridal boutique, inquire about June delivery of wedding dress, when to begin fittings.

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