Thursday, November 20, 2008

Housing for Wedding Week/Weekend?

So, we're in the market to rent a cozy house or two the week before the wedding, perhaps part of the week leading up to the wedding, or perhaps just the weekend of the wedding itself. So many options.

Part of what I need, though, is to find out who, exactly, is interested in going in on this with me? Here's who we have so far who is definitely interested. Let me know if you want to be added! The more people we have, the cheaper the cost.
  1. me (duh)
  2. Chris (duh)
  3. Somer (duh)
  4. Bert English
  5. Alissa English
  6. Matt Witting
  7. Katie Witting
Is there anyone else out there interested? If so, please let me know, so I know how large of a house or how many houses (one for bride and friends vs. one for groom and friends vs. one house for everyone) we should book.

As for what's out there, here are a few options we've come across!

Mount Welby: Middleburg, Virginia (20 minutes from Oatlands)

$750/night or $3,950/week
5 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths
Sleeps 10-12
Historic Home Built in 1823
63-Acre Estate
Mountain Views
Meadows, Ponds, and Babbling Brook

Milltown Farm: Middleburg, Virginia (20 minutes from Oatlands)

$439/night or $2400/week
4 bedrooms (sleeps 8-10)
Cathedral ceilings
Raised stone fireplace
Outdoor patios
Smoke house out building
Peaceful garden surroundings
Outside patio fireplace
Private Pub Room
Fireplace--rental includes firewood

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Danielle said...

Count me in! I can be there as long as you need me, but Henry will probably only be able to stay the weekend.