Monday, November 24, 2008

Linens: Choices, Choices

So, I spent a bit of time today exploring linen options (napkins, table cloths, table toppers) on the We Party website--the website of the company that Joan works closely with (which is good, because it's so much more affordable this way!).

Lots of options here at We Party. So much to choose from. Great website, yes, but still: I'd like to go visit We Party in person. Cloth looks different digitized. For now, though, some initial thoughts:
My favorite is the first one pictured. I'm not sure if this is a table cloth with a topper? Or just a table cloth? If we went with ivory, how would this look with the whites and green flowers we'd like? Or perhaps we'd have to stick with more greenery? Berries? Herbs? For color, perhaps we'd go with colored napkins--a shade of green with flower rings? What about plates. Colored, too? Or just ivory as well?


Danielle said...

I took a look at the website and think your first pick is a table cloth with a sheer topper. The topper is lovely. You might consider using that topper but with a solid colored table cloth (not ivory) so that your white and ivory place settings and flowers will have contrast. I liked the solid "dijon" table cloth for enhancing the warmth of the wood and retaining the rustic nature of the room, but it may be too yellow in person.

Ally Armistead said...

Thanks Danielle-y : ) Always so helpful! Mom and I are going to take a look this weekend hopefully--it's so hard viewing cloth online!

Ally Armistead said...

Okay so I'm just NOW figuring this out. The second linen listed--the one with the ivory flower atop gray--is actually a sheer white topper atop a solid black table cloth. Duh. Okay.

So, options to consider:

(1) Sheer flower topper + black table cloth
(2) Sheer flower topper + dijon table cloth
(3) Sheer topper (first one listed) with ivory table cloth
(4) Sheer topper (first one listed) with black table cloth

Other combos? Anyone anyone?