Saturday, November 29, 2008

Next Steps: At the 10-month mark

So here we are, 10 months till the wedding, and it's time to size up where we are, what's left to do. Okay, strike that. What's left to do is too much. How about what's left to do in the next few weeks. Yes. That will do.

So, what we've accomplished: wedding date, ceremony and reception venue, officiant, photographer for wedding day, engagement photos taken, chef/caterer, rough idea of menu for wedding supper, rustic theme selected for reception, general ideas for reception decor, and possible musicians for ceremony and reception.

Next steps:
  • Meet with pastry chef, Caroline Taylor.
  • Visit We Party in McLean--linens, tables, glassware, chairs.
  • Visit Carriage House--size up linen samples. Select colors.
  • Book, officially, Bell and Blake musicians for Oct. 3rd date. Request playlist.
  • Pick stationary, invites, Save the Date cards.
  • Pick wedding dress (I have until February for this, to ensure time for fittings).
  • Enroll in dance lessons at Dance Factory (begin this in February).
  • Finalize decor reception.

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