Sunday, November 2, 2008

Leg Three of Bridal Gown Hunting

So, I have only been to two boutiques since the beginning of my wedding wonderland journey. Jeannette's was simply lovely and I adored the two Atelier Aimme gowns I tried on, and as for Hannelore's, while I was less impressed with the consultants on staff, I simply adored the Anne Barge and Pronovios dresses

However, I need to broaden my horizons, and a few more boutiques are in order. I'd like to go to White Swan (per recommendation of Jen and mom), the boutique in Rockville (I believe?) that Somer recommended (Somer, what is the name of that place? it begins with an "H"?), and the Amsale store located up in Baltimore (Jen, let me know a good time to come up! We can make a day of it).

I have next Monday off from work (Veteran's Day), so I think I'm going to hop over to White Swan in Vienna, just off Maple Street, and see what I can find. Happy hunting!

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suzanne said...

DOn't be afriad of David's Bridal, I know it's like the wal-mart of wedding gowns, but I got mine there and I loved it.