Friday, September 12, 2008

The Dress

The wedding dress is a complex garment, emotionally speaking--it is the gown you wear when you cross over from singledom to marriedom; it must be intrinsic to your personality and style; and it is the one gown you will wear in life that will make the largest fashion statement. Ever. So how does a woman pick this gown? The pressure seems immense.

After scanning those high-gloss wedding magazines (thank you, Somer, you are a dear!), and looking at hundreds of wedding websites, I have learned a few things about gowns of this nature and what my eye seems to gravitate towards.
  • I am not a big, poofy dress kind of person.
  • I am not a skin baring all type of person.
  • I am not a modern person.
  • I like minimalism.
  • I adore gowns that have touches of vintage, a look from another time period, but strangely, not gowns from the time periods themselves.
  • I want to feel like a slight garden nymph with a historic backbone.
With this in mind, I have found three gowns or at least "looks" that I would feel so beautiful in. Of course, mind you, I haven't tried any of these on in reality, and as we learned through venue shopping, reality and vision have a way of dueling with one another. For now, though, my intention is to try these three gowns on, wherever they may be, and go from there:

Gown #1: The Marielle gown, by Augusta Jones
Gown #2: The Destiny gown, by Augusta Jones
Gown #3: The strapless, bolero gown, by Watters


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