Sunday, September 14, 2008

Themed Weddings: Creative or a Bust?

I have been toying for the last month or so with incorporating a theme into our wedding--and by theme I was thinking something personal, something that captures both Chris and me, our interests, our loves, a bond that connects us. Themes have become quite popular these days--those that go beyond color and season and into a theme that says something about the couple involved.

I have seen many a themed wedding online, and many of them are downright ghastly, including the infamous Al Capone themed wedding, the Great Gatsby wedding, and even Star Trek influenced weddings complete with Klingon costumes. And I'm serious about that last one. It actually happened.

As for Chris and I, we love wine, Virginia, nature, fall, books, and film. These define so much of our relationship, as well as how we spend our time enjoying one another. With the wedding in Oatlands, we've got Virginia covered. With the ceremony in beautiful, natural, and organic gardens in October we've definitely got fall and nature covered. However, books and film are wide open, and up for discussion.

Film is tricky, but books--ah...books--we might really have something there. Initial ideas for how to incorporate this theme:
This is probably as far as I'd take any theme--besides, of course, extending it to invitations and stationary--and this literary theme is clever enough to be a lot of fun, I think, and, of course, to promote Chris' and my love of literature.

However, there are a few hesitations I have in going with this theme:

(1) Is this appropriate for a wedding? I think it would be unique. And educational! But is it appropriate? Worth it?

(2) The vintage typewriter accessories and typewriter itself are black, and I want to make sure our color scheme would work with this. I am in love with blue and black and white (so beautiful and funnily enough the same decor as my house), and this would work beautifully with this theme, but I am concerned about the fact that the Carriage House at Oatlands has a green baseboard around the perimeter of the room (though the rest of it is wooden and rustic, minus a few strips of carpet in the table area, which mom and I have a plan for covering, as well as the trim around four posts which lovely fabric will handle). Would this clash? I will post pictures of the Carriage House soon for further consideration. If so, open to other colors--except green. We won't do green.

(3) Is a literary theme distracting from the historic beauty of Oatlands itself? Would we do better to go with a more natural, rustic flair? To incorporate, instead, brown leaves from the fall, or more rustic accessories?

Alice continues her quest through the maze that is her reception decor. First step: find way to cover carpet, possibly trim in Carriage House. Second step: finalize color scheme, based on results of step one. Third step: see if literary theme can work with this. Fourth step: move in on stationary and matching invitation scheme. Fifth step: Finalize wedding website with all elements thusly incorporated.


Danielle said...

I think a literature theme would be lovely. And it would be most successful if it was overly obvious. I love the bookmark as seating guides. But unless you are sold on the typewriter keys with the bookmarks, I'd consider naming the tables rather than numbering them. If you and Chris sit down and decide on six of your favorite novels, I think you'll get more ideas on how to proceed. If choosing favorite novels it too difficult, perhaps select ones that have nature and/or fall themes.

I also love the typewriter for the guest book, but have extra paper for all those typos.

As far as colors go, I think you can make blue and black work regardless of the Carriage House's current decor. But I will await pictures to comment further. Another idea: if you can't find a way to cover the carpet, hang something stunning from the ceiling so that people look up instead of down.

I can see it already! Let me know if you need any help.

Ally Armistead said...

Danielle, my dear: This is so helpful! I think I like the idea of naming the tables, too. More fun that way! Not attached to the keys really, just thought it was clever. More thinking to be done on this.

You're absolutely right about needing extra paper for typos!

I will post pictures soon of the interior of the Carriage House. Hoping to venture there this Saturday. Also, would love to have your eye on the space when you come visit in October!