Monday, September 22, 2008

Wedding Weather, October 3rd

With every outdoor wedding venue there is always a risk of foul weather--rain, drizzle, thunder, lightning. These are all possibilities, and if there is one thing that has and continues to stress me out is not knowing what to expect on October 3, 2009 at our beloved Oatlands.

What's so difficult about all of this is that if the weather plays along, the scenery and gardens and whole experience will be a dream come true. If it rains, it will still be a dream come true (I am, after all, marrying Chris!), but scenic-wise it will be about an 8, as our rain back-up plan is in the foyer of the Carriage House, in the room adjacent to the reception/dining area. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the Carriage House has a lot of rustic charm, but it's no Italian garden! However, if it rains, as mom has told me several times of an old wive's tale, Chris and I are sure to have a long happy marriage! I believe we will regardless!

So, what's a bride to do, in the face of this uncontrollable variable that is the weather? Run reports on the online Farmer's Almanac, of course!
The first time I did this, I manually selected dates across 62 years, and found that it rained on October 3 only 2% of the time across that time span. However, recently, I ran a customized report online for the years 2007-1973, and found that it rained on 10 of those 35 days--or 29%. This is slightly more risky. However, it is reassuring, at least, that the average daily rain count was only .10 inches, which isn't too bad, and occurs mostly in the morning, clearing up by late afternoon and evening, which is good for our 5:30 ceremony start time.

Looking ahead for 2009, the Almanac reports a drier October, on account of a longer summer next year. So we shall see! It will be interesting to see what it does this Friday, October 3rd.

But, as I see it, there's really no control over the whole issue. I just need to let it be what it will be, but it's hard when you're in love with a vision of a day, of a place. But, as one of our dear groomsmen told me recently, "it doesn't matter where you guys are Ally, the point is that it will be magical because you and Chris are there."


Shimko said...

Nothing makes me happier than to see the Farmer's Almanac used again! I love it!

Danielle said...

Just before I got married, I had daydream after daydream hoping it would rain during the ceremony. I would have insisted that Henry and I get drenched wedding gown and all. I figured you would be the only other person attending to think saying vows in the rain was perfectly romantic. In the end, it rained at 2pm and cleared for the 5:30pm ceremony. And it is probably a good thing because I would have been a nasty Bridezilla if someone had forced me to marry under an umbrella or a tent. With 29% chance of rain and mostly in the morning, I'm willing to bet that I will miss out on witnessing Ally and Chris wed in the rain. I suppose it is good for the dress...

Ally Armistead said...

My dear Danielle--you are most right: a wedding in the rain would be very romantic, lovely, memorable. I think my concern is more that they may not let me marry in my beloved garden if it rains, which is more of my concern about the weather--or, that guests will be miserable! I suppose that's what umbrellas are for. : )

Justin--I wish you well on your trip to Africa, and yes: the Farmer's Almanac is a choice resource. Can't beat it!