Friday, September 12, 2008

Photographer, Wanted

Alice is on the search for a magic picture maker--engagement photos, wedding photos, the whole shebang. Chris and I were thinking we'd arrange to have our engagement photos taken at Oatlands, just in case it rains and we won't have a record of enjoying the outdoor splendor that is the manor, gardens, and rolling hills. Clever plan, I say.

I'd ideally like a photographer who has an understanding of the lighting at Leesburg, who has a keen touch with black and white and a sense of capturing personality in key moments. Romantic and personal and warm, a slight sense of humor, is the feel we're after, rather than formal. I've seen portfolios in the later, and it's not our cup of tea. I'll see if I can sift through examples, give you more of an idea of what we're looking for...!

Does anyone know of a photographer in the Leesburg area? Or perhaps in the neighboring vicinity that fits these qualifications? We are on the search, and hope to lock in someone soon for engagement photos. We're open to suggestions!

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