Sunday, December 14, 2008

Betsy's in Baltimore: Pretty Pronovias Gowns

Jen and I went to Betsy's Bridal in Baltimore today, and found ourselves immersed in really really really pretty Pronovias gowns. However, before we raided the Pronovias rack, I tried on one Amsale gown, and one Anne Barge gown, and decided it wasn't the right fit for Oatlands, for me, for my rustic vision. Pretty yes, but still: not the one.

With Pronovias, I found two gowns I ABSOLUTELY adore, though: Dango and Radiante. Jen voted for the last of the two, but I'm still up in the air! Dango makes me feel like an ethereal tulip. Radiante makes me feel lacy, curvy with a touch of old-world. I'd post pictures here, but I haven't found ones that do the gowns justice. Still searching. The picture here is the Dango gown--but, again: this still doesn't do it justice.

So, far my favorite gowns among the three bridal boutiques I have visited are these two Pronovias gowns, and Atelier Aimme's gown Nuccia.

Hope to keep up the search. Next stop: Hitched bridal boutique in Washington or Nicole Miller at Tysons Galleria.

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