Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Honeymoon in Virginia--Send us some suggestions!

So, after careful thinking and budgeting, Chris and I have decided to honeymoon in our beloved Virginia. Why, you might ask, when we could go anywhere in the world? A few reasons:

  1. Wedding week is going to wipe us out. Do we really want to get on a plane after all of that and travel for hours on end, enduring the stress of airports, possible jet lag, and the touristy pressure to see everything in a foreign location? No. No we don't.
  2. Budget is tight with weddings. Chris and I, just between us, are spending a chunk of change for rings and dress and other items as well. Do we really want to spend more on a honeymoon faraway--for the pressure to see everything when what we really want to do is just chill out and relax and enjoy being newly weds? No. No we don't.
  3. Honeymooning in Virginia will save us around $3,000. Do we want that kind of deal? Yes. Yes we do.
So, the solution is that we will honeymoon for 4-5 days in a mountainous locale in our very own beloved Virginia. We will sleep in, enjoy the quiet of being in the middle of nowhere, hike for hours, horseback ride, venture out to nearby Virginia wineries, cook our meals in a snuzzy farmhouse or mountain cabin, and honeymoon away.

The following summer, or perhaps late spring--once we've caught our breath a bit--we'd love to take a trip for two to somewhere more exotic and touristy. Like Paris. Lake Como. Prague. So many options. Honeymoon local. Trip for two faraway. A solution we have made.

So far in our research of Virginian getaways, we are eying these three contenders. However, we welcome all and any suggestions, so please send us some!


Karl said...

Great thinking. After all, "Virginia is for Lovers"

OK, I'm biased.

Christina said...

I can't think of anywhere more lovely for a honeymoon than Virginia! Although I am miles away in England, I became enamoured of the place after seeing the beautiful work of Central Virginia photographer, Andre Hilliard (who allowed me to use some of his photographs for book covers):
Andre Hilliard
I am sure you will have a wonderful time! Congratulations!