Friday, December 26, 2008

A Lovely Band, Celtic Style

Chris has found a lovely wedding band, just for him. It's made by a Celtic ring company stationed in Portarlington, Ireland--right smack in the green heart of Dublin.

The ring is a traditional Celtic knot, but what we both love so much about it is its thinness and solidity, its simple and understated interlace around the band. The symbolism of the interlace is also fitting, being representative of the never ending intersection of the physical and spiritual, of the permanence and the continuum of life, love, and faith.

The picture shown here is of a gold ring, but we are planning on Platinum for the durability, the look, and cleanness. You can see a few more views of the ring in Platinum by clicking here.

We're excited to order this from Dublin, but first we need Chris' ring size!

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