Friday, August 21, 2009

More Appointments, More Goodies On The Way!!!

Goodies on the Way
  • Sample earrings
  • Somer's gift (no hints!!)
  • Jen's lilac wrap
  • Jen's shoes--three pairs, two colors, two sizes to try.
  • Guy's suits--measured, ordered, on the way. Still need to look at Patrick's suit, however.
  • Escort cards + table cards from Debi with her pretty penwomanship
Goodies We Still Need
  • Flower pins for hair
  • Wedge shoes for outdoor ceremony?
  • All beverages--wine, champagne, etc. (still waiting to hear back from Joan)
  • Final ties for guys
  • Pens for guest book table--or cartridges for the ones we have
  • Ribbon for escort card table
  • Fabric for bathroom
  • Ribbon for escort cards

August 22: Trial hair and make-up at Cloud Nine Salon
August 29: Meet with Kate at Oatlands to review event and decor
August 30: Meet with Judy to finalize all floral products + order flowers + drop off glassware, bout leaves, ribbon, and twine.
September 1: Meeting with Nicholas, review of program draft for ceremony.
September 8: 2nd dress fitting

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