Saturday, August 1, 2009

Monkey Suits Make Me Bananas!

So, yeah... yesterday, before dance class/practice, Chris and I went over to the infamous Men's Wearhouse to yet again, be disappointed. We've discovered that stores pretty much ANYWHERE only rent out TUXEDOS, and not suits, which is really not good for our situation. I've gotta say, we're really not a fan of the satin stripes down slacks, or satin lapels, or pretty much anything satin period, which is frustrating because tuxedos = satin. Honestly, all we want is a plain 'ole BLACK suit. Can a bride catch a break? Sheesh.

So, one idea we had was to have everyone wear whatever black two-button suit they already have. I know dad and Patrick have one, and I suspect that Matt M., Matt W., Bert, and Bill may have one? But here's the trick: there are so MANY shades of black. Is this a big deal? What should we do? I'd seriously hate to have everyone BUY a new suit just to match? hmm... This may sound ridiculous, but one idea I had was to be a crazy woman and have the guys show me their suit coats (just to see), and from there we can figure out who needs what.

Other than that, our plan is to rent ivory shirts (the color of my dress) from Men's Wearhouse and to purchase neckties. So far, I've purchased four of them (adorable!), all in purple accents, but I need to see how they look against the patterned fabric of the bouts. Not sure if a patterned tie or a solid tie would pull things together better, or if it would be too much to give every guy a DIFFERNT patterned tie but all in the same hue and range of our color palette. I'll bring some samples over to mom's house and we can play!

But seriously, let me know if you have ANY ideas.


Color, hue, pattern-challenged bride


Shimko said...
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Shimko said...

You probably already checked, but I just looked up Jim's Formal Wear. They do black business suit rentals and they have several locations in Fairfax. I tried looking up where else, but the all point to Jim's.

Ally Armistead said...

You're AWESOME. Seriously, awesome. Justin saves the day. AGAIN!