Saturday, August 8, 2009

7 weeks and counting! A few updates

Um, 7 weeks, 56 days, lots of hours. I'm excited. I'm panicked. I'm.... WOW.

We've done so much in the last few weeks that my head's spinning with excitement, panic, relief, and then more excitement. In short, it's a roller coaster. For my sanity, I'm recording a few key updates here on the progress we've made, and what we still have left to do. Bear with me! : )
  • Groomsmen: They've ordered suits and shirts and everyone is ready to go but Matt McClinch and Patrick A!! Also, dad needs to get an ivory shirt--or not. He can go with whatever he likes. Dad is helping us with the necktie selection, so we need to get that ironed out ASAP. Chris has their gifts selected; just need to purchase. I have Patrick's gift. Just waiting for arrival and need to wrap.
  • Jen: Her larger size came in the mail on Thursday (!), so we have room for baby. We're good to go, just need to tailor as we near the wedding. Shoes have been ordered. Matron of Honor gift arrived yesterday. Need to wrap! Hair and make-up appointment made (along with mine) for the morning of the wedding at 10:45 a.m.
  • Me: Had my first dress fitting on Thursday! WOW. Love. My. Dress. Have a second fitting scheduled in early September. Have my shoes, but need heel pads for traction while dancing. Need to find dangling pearl earrings--it will be so pretty! Have a hair and make-up trial run scheduled on August 22 at Cloud Nine in Leesburg. Also made appointments for wedding day make-up and hair.
  • Bouts/corsage fabric leaves: Mom is working on these (thank you mom)! We've decided to go with black/brown checkered leaves for men; lilac for women. These need to be wrapped up by the second week in September.
  • Bridal Shower thank you cards: Shower was too much, so lovely, felt so loved. Mom is amazing. Ordered thank you cards in the same suite as bridal shower invites. Should arrive this week and hope to get them written and mailed.
  • Rehearsal Dinner: Invites stamped and addressed. Just need to send out. Going with KaJe and Jerry today to scope out the space. Need to finalize place card, table card, and seating chart details. Also need to scan in all pictures at Kinkos for slideshow, select music, begin creation. Also need to place order at Heidleburg for birthday cake for granny twins!
  • Cabin for week before wedding/few friends night of wedding: Reserved Winridge Wednesday-Sunday. Has lots of space and ovens for pie making!, which we'll be doing on Thursday and Friday. Final payment due August 30th.
  • Reception decor: Looking good. Need to finish table votives, make escort table sign, order table cards/escort card paper from Bella Figura/work with Debi on calligraphy, make Dance Cards, finalize guest book table details (maybe more pens), finalize tree display. Almost finished with logistics document for ATrendy. Due very soon. Appointment and walk-through on August 29th/30th (need to confirm).
  • Ceremony decor: Finish all seed bags.
  • Programs: Content drafted, ready for Nicholas to review September 8th. Still need to finish Thank Yous and finalize expresso print color. Then, will take to Kinkos for mass printing and folding. Need to finalize ribbon selection and assembly all programs.
  • Bathrooms: Purchased fabric for sink skirts and cushions. Need to get these to mom for sewing (thank you mom!). Have all bathroom kit supplies. Need to purchase basket, soaps, and towels, and arrange prettily.
  • Beverages for Reception: All liquor, wine, beer needs to be purchased. We decided to go with the Malbac for red, and Barboursville Pinot Grigio for white. Chris has also selected Dominion October Fest for beer.
  • Final Payments: Photographer (September 19); Caterer (final head count: September 19th, final payment: September 21); ATrendy (at rehearsal); Cake (final head count: September 19th, final payment: September 21); Florist, handled by Chris and Ally (week of wedding); Musicians, handled by Chris and Ally (September 21st), Officiant, handled by Chris and Ally (September 8th); Umbrellas, handled by Ally (week of wedding).
  • Confirm prayers/toasts at all events. Rehearsal dinner: Nicholas (prayer), Chris (toast). Wedding: Nicholas (prayer), Bert (toast), Dad (toast), Ally (toast), open floor.
  • Thank you gifts remaining: Somer, mom, dad, KaJe, Jerry.

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