Monday, August 31, 2009

5 Weeks To Go!!!

What's left???!
  1. Guest book table pens
  2. Make all escort cards: ribbon + typewriter keys
  3. Finalize all "final" touches" for escort card table: cards, sign, tree, placement.
  4. Assign groom's party, Pat, & dad ties! We have so many pretty ones!
  5. Wrap Jen, Pat's, and Somer's gifts + write thank you cards
  6. Send Jen Chase form--waiting for Kate's wedding time line to enter details.
  7. Purchase all alcohol. (*still assembling cost estimate*)
  8. Have Somer touch up the guest book table chalkboard sign (I messed it up. sigh)
  9. 2nd dress fitting.
  10. Finish drafting programs, print out, assemble in covers with ribbon.
  11. Get fabric for sink skirts and cushion!!
  12. Get thank you cards for parents.
  13. Write out cards for Matt + Katie + Grandmas + parents.
  14. Place cake order for Grannies at rehearsal dinner.
  15. Cut twine for napkins and label.
  16. Cut twine for favor boxes.
  17. Finish rehearsal dinner slideshow.
  18. Find table for TV/DVD at rehearsal dinner room.
  19. Hand over all materials for Somer for rehearsal dinner: place cards, table cards, pint-sized mason jars
  20. Another hair trial.
  21. Write seat chart for rehearsal dinner on chalkboard easel.
  22. Print out rehearsal dinner instruction cards.

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