Sunday, August 9, 2009

Horse & Carriage Schedule: Granny Alice, Grandma Pansy, Jen, Family to Assist

So, here is the final schedule of the horse & carriage pick-up for the wedding day! Jen, KaJe, mom, and others please review, let me know if this will work?

5 PM: Carriage arrives at Carriage House parking lot to pick-up 1. KaJe, 2. Jerry, 3. Granny Alice, 4. Pansy, and 5./6. two other family passengers to assist her (the carriage only holds six)--who should these two be? Sandra? John? Kristen and Amanda? Uncle Chris and Lea? No one? Dad will not be available to assist her, as he will be at the mansion with me and party.

Carriage will drop off passengers at the ceremony garden gates. Guests will walk through the gates and down to the garden to be seated in the first two rows.

NOTE: 7-10 minutes are allotted for loading and unloading.
NOTE: Groom's party will ensure that Granny, Pansy, KaJe, and Jerry are all pinned/receive their bouts/corsages.

5:30: Ceremony

6 PM: Ceremony ends. Cocktail hour begins. Carriage is arrives at garden gates to pick up Granny Alice, KaJe, Jerry, Pansy, and two more members to assist Pansy. Carriage drops off passengers at mansion circle. Guests will then walk down 4 stone steps. A bench is right there for seating and will be reserved for Granny and Pansy. Guests assisting them can bring them drinks from the bar, which is only 2 flights of stairs/landings down from them. Appetizers served via tray.

6:50: Carriage arrives at mansion circle to pick-up Granny, Pansy, Jen, Paul, and two other family members. Carriage delivers passengers to Carriage House for Reception. Other guests will walk to Carriage House with bride and groom.

7 PM: Reception begins.

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