Friday, July 17, 2009

Arts and Crafts Update: Where We Are On Decor (holy cow)

Er, right. So, now that we pretty much have the CONCEPT and materials all in place, we're boldly entering into the actual ARTS and CRAFTS portion of the wedding, where essentially I, and a few blessed others (THANK YOU!), put on our wedding elf hats and start cranking out this stuff like it was Christmas time.

Here's where we are with what, and who has what, and all that, and what still needs to be done. Bear with me. And if you'd like to volunteer for anything else, let me know!



  • Bouts/Corsage Leaves. Fabric bout/corsage leaves for wedding party and family. In progress! 13 total. Need to have these done in September sometime, so we can hand them off to Judy.
  • Bathroom furnishings. 2 sink skirts + 2 bathroom cushion bottoms for bathrooms in Carriage House. Ally still needs to get ivory fabric, per recommendation of mom.
Ally/Mom Joint Projects
  • Tree branch display for escort card table. Ally has the tall glass vase + a ridiculous amount of branches to play with! Tree branch display will also involve gluing a few of the brown leaves/purple blossoms through
  • Rehearsal dinner place cards. I have all the card stock, stamps, ink, pens, and vintaege wine cork place harders. Just need to hand this over!! We have a bit of time on this one, and can't really even get started until September 4th, which is the RSVP deadline for the rehearsal dinner. (I haven't even sent out invites yet... they're forthcoming).
  • Guest Book Chalkboard Writing. Writing (in better handwriting than mine!) "Guest Book" on antique chalkboard for Guest Book Table.
  • Addressing rehearsal dinner invites. I've got the stamps. I've got the invites printed and ready to go. Now I just need someone with BETTER handwriting than me to address them all to 30 guests. Let me know, Somer!
Joint Projects (Ally, Mom, Somer)
  • Escort Card Leaves. We need to make LOTS of brown paper leaves for the escort cards. I have all the brown paper + purple paper for the blossoms. We need to find a day to get together and make these suckers. Of course, we can't really get started until after August 21st, when all the RSVPs come in.
Patrick & Stephanie
  • Slideshow for rehearsal dinner. Ally is still scanning in all pics and needs to burn a CD of our chosen music to pass along. Steph and Patrick will make slideshow.
  • Cigars wrappers.
  • Lace votives (27). 5 lace votives are done, which equates to 5 tables' worth. I have (a) three more tables to go, which is nine more votives, (b) four votives or so for the tiny tables I plan to line around the dance hall perimeter of the Carriage House, (c) 4 votives for bistro tables out in cocktail gardens, (d) a few more as back-ups, should one break, and (e) perhaps a few more to give to ATrendy to sprinkle around the cake area or wherever. That brings us to a total of 15 done, with 27 or so to go.
  • Jam jar votives (12): 2 jam jar votives for the carriage rail are done with ten more to go. 12 total.
  • Bathroom details. Bathroom kit for ladies + mints and container for men. Ally needs basket, glass candy dish, and all ingredients.
  • Table cards. 8 Table cards/frames. 1 done. 7 more to go. In progress.
  • Sign for escort card table. I've printed out all the vintage typewriter key signs and punched them out. Now just need to find garland and ribbon to string together.
  • Programs. Program covers are done, and 75% of a draft completed for contents. Need to find Kinkos prices on printing, good paper, and test out ink options.
  • Grass seed bags. Have the bags, grass seed, tree stamp, and ink. Just need to explore name stamp a bit more, figure out if I can incorporate tree +name together.
  • Lighting. We have some time on this. We selected the lights that look the best. Now, I'm currently finishing up our extensive decor proposal to submit to Katherine and ATrendy. Once they approve of the plan, we'll take final measurements of the dance hall, and order lights.
  • Flower glassware + coordination. Have all glassware to hand over to Judy + twine ribbon. 8 quarts for dining room. 4 pints for dance hall. 4 pints for bistro cocktail tables. 1 quart with handle for guest book table. 1 pint with handle for guest book table, 1 milk jar for guest book table. 1 bridal bouquet. 1 matron of honor bouquet. 13 bouts/corsages. Sprigs for napkin decor. Sprigs/berries for pie boxes.
  • Pie favors (80) + display + signs. Have confirmed/finalized pie order. Apple, pumpkin, and pecan. Ordered bigger boxes, and they're on their way. Have little tags + thank you stamp + ink. Still need to figure out how to display pie boxes. We have the space designated in the Carriage House, but need to iron out the display details. One table or three. How many signs? Still need material and look/feel for signs. Already have 1 table card stand (chrome).
  • Wooden wedding sign for outdoors. Done.
  • Guest book table tags, stationary for Well Wishes jar. Still looking.
  • Well wishes jar label. Still experimenting with paper and with hiring Debi to do the calligraphy when we send her the escort leaves.
  • Guest book table layout + details: typewriter, apothecary jars, twigs, frog, invitation, typewriter keys, picture frame, decor, chalkboard. Done. Just need to finish details on picture frame, well wishes jar (see above), and stationary/tags for well wishes jar.
  • Linens + tables + chairs + flat- glass- and plate-ware. Need final count to hand over to We Party and caterer in early September. So far, we have (a) Tables: 8 five-foot round tables for dining room; 1 three-foot round table for cake; 4 2-foot round tables for dance hall perimeter; 4 bistro tall tables for cocktail hour; 2 rectangular bar tables (1 for oudoors, 1 for Carriage House); 3 three-foot round tables for pie display; 1 three-foot round table for escort card display. (b) Linen: 8 ivory cloths + toppers for dining room tables; 5 ivory cloths and toppers for pie box tables, escort card table, and cake table; 4 ivory cloths (no toppers) for bistro tables; 4 ivory cloths + toppers for 2-foot round tables in dance hall perimeter; 2 ivory cloths (no topper) for both bars. (c) Plates: 80 ivory plates. (d) Flatware: 80 sets of silverware. (e) Napkins: 80 expresso napkins. (f) Glassware: 80 champage glasses, water glasses, and wine glasses. Bar comes with own glassware; no need to order. (g) Chairs: 80 chairs for dining room; 8 chairs for dance hall; 80 white ceremony chairs. (h) Cake cutter and plate provided by caterer.
  • Cake plate? No idea.
  • Reception programs. Figure out whether or not we want to print these and tuck into napkins at the dining room tables.
  • Chalkboard easel + table cards for rehearsal dinner. Since we have place cards, I also have to make THREE table cards and get a chalkboard easel to tell folks where to go. I may need Somer's help here. More to follow. Will determine what will work for table cards when we walkthrough Lightfoot space.
  • Gift wrapping supplies for wedding party gifts. Already have 4-inch square Kraft boxes! Just need wrapping paper and ribbon and cards.

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