Thursday, July 9, 2009

Table Cards: New Plan

So, yeah... I've tried our invite cards with calligraphy numbers and antique frogs, I've tried address numbers, I've tried fold out cards I've stamped with numbers and trees, and I gotta say: none of these works--to my satisfaction.

This morning, however, I woke with a NEW idea, and one that's going to work, that's easy to make, and that brings cohesion to the other elements at work in our designs. What's this idea? Wooden, unpolished frames with different colored stationary (quilt-like) and stamped with numbers or decorated with wooden numbers. LOVE IT. Below are pictures of the CONCEPT--definitely not the colors--and I think they'll look adorable on our tables (also pictured below).

Pros of this concept? (1) the frames are stable, (2) the paper is endless (!), and (3) these are easy to make. Need to get some trial supplies to try this out. But I'm excited. This is the last piece I've been trying to figure out for our reception decor, so I'm relieved to be nearing the end.

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