Saturday, July 11, 2009

Escort Card Sign: Thoughts on Wording, Design

So, the escort card table is a piece of the decor I'm really excited about! The table (3-feet) will be draped in our ivory topper and linen and placed in front of the white carriage rail, right as you walk in. On top, will be a display of manzanita branches, arranged beautifully in a clear vase/large apothecary jar, and decorated with brown paper leaves with different color blossoms in shades of purple and lilac. The vase will be labeled with something sweet "The Sweetheart Tree" or maybe just twine/ribbon. Still experimenting.

On the table itself, will be the actual escort cards--brown paper leaves and purple blossoms, with guests names written on the first and second leaves with table number. These will be arranges alphabetically by last name, and arranged in rows (I'm still experimenting with a round or circular display of the cards, but it's proving more complicated than something more linear.) The effect of the escort leaf cards under the tree is intended to be one of a dogwood shedding itself in fall time, all the beautiful debris that sprinkles on the ground in autumn. No escort cards will be placed in the tree--the leaves here are just for decor, and to unify the table top with the arrangement.

Finally, suspended in front of the table, will be a a sign encouraging guests to find their seat. I have two options for the look and feel of the sign, as well as a host of wording options. I welcome all thoughts and votes!

Here are the wording options--WHAT DO YOU THINK??!:

#1: Please find your seat
#2: Find your seat
#3: Please find your table
#4: Find your table
#5: Take a seat

Here are the sign decor options (just two, so far)--WHAT DO YOU THINK?!!

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