Monday, July 13, 2009

The Bathrooms at the Carriage House: Decor Ideas? HELP!

So, one thing that I've been thinking about, but haven't done anything about yet, is decor for the Carriage House bathrooms. There are two bathrooms--one for men, and one for the ladies--each with 2-3 stalls.

The bathrooms themselves are just fine, but I'm not so sure about the decor of them. I may be going off the deep end a bit with even THINKING about bathrooms at our wedding (and if I am, please slap me!), but the only things I'd add to both bathrooms are the following:

1. 2 sink skirts--replacing this ghastly floral print with ivory cotton fabric. These are easy enough to make. We just need their measurements, details on how they hang, and elastic around the top of the skirt for ease of sliding.

2. 2 chair bottom coverings (one for each chair in each bathroom)--again, replacing said floral print with simple ivory cotton. We may not even need to sew anything, just get fabric and wrap the bottom cushions, securing with safety pins around the backsides.

3. 2 quart size mason jars of fresh flowers--we'd need to add that to our flower list for Judy, making it a total of 8 dining table quart-size jars, 1 milk jar for guest book table, 1 pint-size jar with handle for guest book table, 1 quart-size jar with handle for guest book table, 1 quart-size jar for sign outside of Carriage House, 4 pint-sized jars for tables in garden area, 4 pint-sized jars for tiny tables lining dance hall of Carriage House, and NOW 2 quart-sized mason jars for each bathroom, making all of this silliness a total of TWENTY-TWO flower jars.

4. A bowl of mints in the gentlemen

5. A fixer-upper kit for the ladies, including nail polish remover, deodorant stick, cotton balls, hair spray, lip gloss, tampons, Advil, or anything else that anyone can think of. I need help in this department! WHAT do YOU need?

Any thoughts on this would be SO appreciated!!

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