Monday, July 13, 2009

Guest Book Table Layout Ideas: Thoughts?

So, I was playing around with the layout of our guest book table pieces, and came up with this layout with apothecary jars, antique typewriter keys, typewriter, picture, and a 1890s blackboard. The "feel" I'm going for is welcoming, rustic, whimsical, a bit of home spun, and something that will make you stop and look at all the details as guests write us well wishes and good tidings.

In these pictures, the flowers are obviously NOT the flowers we're using--too monochromatic--and we're missing more pens for the pen jar, more simple ivory stationary cards and envelopes (only three are shown here) with calligraphy "To Chris & Ally" on the envelopes, typewriter paper, pretty handwriting for the "Well Wishes" jar, and of course, pretty handwriting for the "Guest Table" blackboard (did I mention I hate my handwriting?). Um, anyone want to do the handwriting? Otherwise, I'll send to Debi our amazing calligrapher for the Well Wishes label. The blackboard, though, I'll need some help!

So, what do you think? Remember that all of these elements will be on this table in the Oatlands' Carriage House.

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