Sunday, December 7, 2008

We Have Our Cake Flavor!!!

We met today with Ms. Caroline Taylor of Taylor Made Cakes (which is just too clever), and sampled seven delicious flavors. Our top four were the Frangelico, the Almond Praline, the Light Lemon Butter, and the White Velvet Butter.

After serious consideration (and I mean serious, because Caroline's cakes are absolutely wonderful) we have selected the Light Lemon Butter for the wedding: four moist layers of buttermilk cake filled with a light creamy lemon filling and frosted with lemon meringue buttercream. Absolutely to die for.

Our thinking was this:

  • Chocolate allergy among our guests
  • The possibility of an Indian summer October 3rd, with weather reaching 75 degrees (chocolate and carrot cake would just be too much for warmer weather)
  • Among the remaining non-chocolate cake, the lemon butter was by far the most zingy, fun, and tasty.
And thus it shall be: Light Lemon Butter Cake.

A few other details:

  • We're going with buttercream frosting, which means we can either go with white or ivory, but not color--as colored frosting looks terrible in buttercream, and we don't want to go with the formal stiffness of fondant.
  • We're going with three-tiers--the perfect size to feed 70.
  • We're going with round tiers. Square is just too sharp.
  • Caroline makes her own sugar flowers, which are simply AMAZING.
  • She also makes her own fondant ribbons, should we choose to wind them around the bottom of each tier. As for designs, we are still searching for that perfect "one."
However, we're considering some of the following for an all white or ivory cake:
  • Textured beading, scrolling, or floral design etched into the frosting.
  • Colored fondant ribbon around the base of each tier. Green?
  • Little sugar flowers spread out across the tiers.
More to come as we continue to research. But we're so excited to have our cake flavor!

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