Sunday, June 7, 2009

Does Anyone Know Where We Can Find The Following....???

  1. Vintage sitting mailbox (that you can put on a table for guests to access easily) or antique mail slots. See this page for what we're after or the mailbox on this page.
  2. A table as awesome as this one.
  3. Spray paint that makes things look rusty and old.
  4. Cool rustic looking baskets. We need two with handles so that they can hang from shepherd's hooks--one for programs, one for grass seed puches--and we need one without a handle that can hold 70-80 4-inch pie boxes (preferably round so that we can display them on a plant stand.
  5. House numbers that we could use as table stands (table cards). See this page for what we're after.
  6. Doily, scalloped edged paper in expresso color for making this kind of sign.
  7. A good deal on grass seed.
  8. These kinds of natural or kraft hang tags for pie boxes.
  9. Virginia wines that you love!! We'd love your recommendations.


Shimko said...

Home Depot and Lowe's should have what you are looking for in regards to 5. and 7.

What kind of rustic are you looking for? Antique for wood or brass?

Shimko said...

Oh, and maybe e-bay for the mailbox/slots.