Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Frog Pins Just Arrived! Adorable

Somer is a genius. These vintage frog pins from Etsy.com are so whimsical, antique, and totally fun as table card holders. I love them. The shipper said he could arrange for as many as I need, so I hope to place an order with him soon!!

What a productive week: our envelopes and table cards with finished calligraphy are due tomorrow in the mail; we've got a VERY strong contender for table card holders (!); we've purchased all of our ribbon, fabric, dried fiddlehead, and supplies for the boutonnierres and pin-ons; we've selected a stamp that ties our stationary together; Somer and I have begun the bachelorette party planning process; and mom and grandma have kicked off bridal shower plans.

What more could a bride want?

Hmm... well... there's lots more to do. So much, in fact, my head's spinning. But I've tried to update my appointment page, just to keep myself on track because things are gettin' kinda crazy.

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