Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fiddle dee dee: My Fiddlehead Obsession

Why are these ferns so damn cool? Seriously. Love them. Found some dried ones at Michael's craft store, my home away from home. Well, actually Somer and Suzanne's house is my home away from home, followed by Michael's, but really: these fiddlehead ferns rock. With a bit of expresso spray paint, they'll be adorable for our boutonnierres and/or pin-ons, along with the FOUR different designer fabrics I picked up in wool, courderoy, suit jacket, and tweed--various patterns to mimic the veins of leaves--and about nine different types of ribbon.

This Saturday, we're headed over to mom's for a little arts and crafts day, so that we can get these leaves sewn and over to Judy. If June 20th holds true for our testing day at Oatlands, I'm thinking we'll drop off the glass ware, twine, and a sample napkin and pie box for her, since she's right off route 15. If we can manage that, I'll not only have more room freed up in our house, but I can totally check off FLOWERS from our to-do list, which will make be so freaking happy.

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Shimko said...

How coincidental, I just heard about fiddleheads yesterday! Now I hear about them everywhere...