Monday, June 1, 2009

Barrels of fun

Why are barrels so incredibly awesome? They instantly set a rustic, playful feel, a dash of old-timey loveliness. Here are a few ideas for said barrels, since I'm on this barrel kick, and since we have lots of wedding problems to solve.

What about barrels to hold favor boxes? We could stack them, stick a wooden and/or paper sign in front of them that says "take a pie." We could place them outside the Carriage House, or use them to prop the doors open? Or maybe just inside. Advantage over a table? They're tall and narrow? Advantage over hanging them on chairs? They're less likely to fall off and splatter.

Or barrels as tables, placed around the dance hall? Advantages? You can sit on them, prop a drink on them, chill out. Barrels are awesome.

How about a barrel for the cake table? That cake would look freaking awesome on a barrel. Instead of worrying about a fancy cake plate, we could just go with something simple, and have the barrel do all the wowing. Though, the barrel may be too narrow to support the cake.

What about support a tree branch for hanging escort cards? It could be a planter of sorts.

And last but not least, what about supporting the two lighted tree branches I'm renting for the dance hall?

Lots of options. The best part about all this is that barrels are inexpensive, and available at Sam's gardens. Guess I'll go pick me up a barrel and play with it. If it turns out, it's useless, I can always give it to Chris and kitty to play with.

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