Friday, June 5, 2009

Ceremony Details: Programs, Grass Seed, Burlap Bags

Adore these photos! And they've totally helped me brainstorm about some of the details I'd love to have at our ceremony, including ribbon tied programs laid neatly in a basket, and offering guests burlap or muslin bags full of grass seed to toss over Chris and me as we skip down the aisle.

Grass seed is the only thing we can throw at Oatlands, per policy, and I love the idea of filling little bags with them, maybe even stamping the bags with "Grass Seed" or labeling them with cute patterns or maybe with these cute tags!

I'll check out Home Depot for the grass seed, and Michael's for baskets. Bella Figura is still set to make our program covers, and we'll handle the printing of the inserts as well as find twine, purple ribbon, or something else to lovely to tie them together.

Next steps: finalize program wording, put in order for program cover with Bella Figura in August, buy grass seed, purchase 80 muslin/burlap bags (maybe order a sample to start with), explore stamping/printing design or labels for the bags, purchase holding baskets.

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