Monday, June 1, 2009

Firefly Jars!

I'm in LOVE with these little electric firefly jars. Instead of lanterns for our send-off post reception, why not give every guest one of these to carry out into the darkness, lighting our pathway? Or maybe give these away as favors instead of pies? Or combine escort cards and favors into these with each guest's name attached? Wow, that would solve a crapload of problems for sure.

One problem though: these jars are more summer-timey than autumnal. So maybe they'd just be really cute as outdoor decor only? Wrapped in paper? Placed by our wooden signs that point the way between our cocktail hour and carriage house reception?

I already have one of these to play with already, so I'll just bring it along on testing day 2.0 on June 20th.

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