Monday, June 1, 2009

Testing Day 2.0!!! Dance Hall

On June 20th, we're headed back out to our beloved Oatlands to figure out this dance hall business. We've got a lot to do, and in many ways, this portion of the Carriage House is a lot trickier design-wise.

Here's a list of things we need to resolve:

  1. Take an inventory of every object (painting, piece of furniture, shades) that needs to be removed prior to decorating.
  2. Figure out placement of existing Oatlands' furniture in room. I think we're just going to keep the antique wood dresser as our guest table, and everything else goes, but we'll see when we get there.
  3. Figure out placement of the white carriage rail. Do we have enough room for musicians, dancing, walkway?
  4. How do we decorate the white carriage rail? Flowers? Mason jars? More votives? Difference sizes?
  5. What looks best for our escort card presentation? Canvas on easel? Barrel? Tree in barrel? Branches in vase on guest table? Door? One of the green window shutters already in the house? String? Clothespins?
  6. Where will the bar go? I'm thinking the front left-hand corner, right when you walk in. Perhaps catty-corner? On an angle?
  7. Where will the guest book table go? I'm thinking the right-hand corner, right when you walk in. Perhaps catty-corner? On an angle?
  8. What will go on the guest table? Typewriter, votives, paper, flowers? Need to work this out.
  9. What lights, if any, do we need to hang? Which ones look the best? I have two different types to try out. Where do we hang them from? How do we explain this to the ATrendy design crew?
  10. Where do we place our rustic signs, if any? What will they say?
  11. If we use the lighted branches in this room, where will they go? How will we support them? Twine and wire? In a barrel planter?
  12. In the event of a downpour, how will we arrange the ceremony indoors? Will guests be standing? Seating? How will we arrange this?
  13. Where do we stick the musicians for best sound carry?
Questions for Katherine at Oatlands:
  1. Can we remove the green shades from windows in both the dance hall and dining room?
Equipment/Supplies to Bring for Testing
  1. Two strands of hanging lights (bright, soft glow).
  2. Wedding sign
  3. Glass votives with lace
  4. Taller glass votives
  5. Flowers
  6. Mason jars
  7. Milk jars
  8. Barrel
  9. Tree branches
  10. Twine
  11. Clothespins
  12. Measuring tape
  13. Escort leaves
  14. Typewriter
  15. Color swatches (browns, lilacs, purples)
  16. Table card
  17. Invitation

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