Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fun with Nicholas, Our Officiant

We met with Nicholas last night to review the ceremony and our vows, and believe it or not, we got it all down to 25 minutes--probably less. This is a relief, as the ceremony begins at 5:30 (half an hour after the tourists leave Oatlands) and sunset isn't far behind, with twilight approaching around 6:45 on October 3rd. This window is a tight one, making things close for pictures unless Nicholas keeps things short and tidy! So, it looks like, at the very latest, the ceremony will wrap up completely by 6, and while guests are having cocktail hour, Chris and I and the wedding party/family will have a photo shoot: 10 minutes for family and wedding party, 20 minutes for Chris and me.

This will all work out!

Here's the structure of the ceremony:
  • Groom and officiant walk down the aisle first, followed by Best Man and one groomsman. Bert English and Matt McClinch will stand by Chris.
  • Music will change, denoting the bride and bridal party. Matron of Honor (Jen) will walk down the aisle, escorted by Man of Honor (Patrick). They will stand by Ally.
  • Father gives bride in marriage; this is accompanied by a brief spiel.
  • Biblical reading, which we'd like Bill English (one of our groomsman) to give.
  • Brief sermon, related to marriage, love
  • Marriage vows and exchange of rings
  • The Lord's Prayer
  • The Marriage Prayer, read by Bill English.
  • The Peace, during which bride and groom kiss and walk down the aisle.
Seems simple enough! And we like the pacing of it all! With no hymns or other readings, this ceremony above is around 20 minutes, giving Nicholas room to pad as he wishes, as he can be long-winded.

Nicholas also recommended that we print up programs, with the structure of the ceremony, or at least the Lord's Prayer and Marriage Prayers, so we can all follow along.

More to come soon... but Alice is off for a brief vacation, and away from wedding wonderland.

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