Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Look, The Feel: Alice Has Found Her Reception Decor Inspiration

Splendid, splendid--this is gorgeous, and I want it. All of it. How can we make our Carriage House look like this?

Clear jars and vintage paint cans as vases.

White and green flowers: White anemones, sweet peas, peonies, hydrangea. For an unstructured natural composition, add green viburnum, moss, herbs, and artichokes. I'd like to add Queen Anne's lace, too.

Large metal address numbers, leaned against the vases, for table numbers.

Decor on lighting, lamps from ceiling. Love the greenery incorporated here.

Love the creme colored table linens. Could go with brown or black napkins?

I like the linen bag of almonds as a favor, but would like to use little boxes, wrapped in twine and ribbon. What to put in them? Chocolate?

Adore the white and green bridal bouquets.

String of lights in quaint corners of the barn. Adore this.

Love the tea candles on the tables, how they illuminate the flowers.

Adore the cake, the single striking bands around each tier.

Let's make it happen!!

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