Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Music Makes Whimsy

Ah, music at weddings. Inevitably the cheapest and most popular way to go is to hire a DJ to spin some tunes from the last four decades while serving as the master of ceremonies via a pumped up microphone. DJs are great for dancing, great for singing along to, but it's not the way we want to go. Partly it's the cheese factor, and partly the strong vibe of an eighth-grade dance event in the 80s, neither of which really fits into a rural Virginia location. Somehow, I'm thinking heavy base from a speaker would kill the mood. But maybe that's just me.

Instead, Chris and I are in love with the fiddle--yes, you heard us. The fiddle. As in fiddling. As in serious genuine music of the people. Of the peeps. Of historic value and ambiance. As in 'Ole Fizzy Wig of Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol. Yes, that kind of fiddling. While we adore Blue Grass, we are more in love with Irish music--folk songs, upbeat drinking tunes, traditional ballads, haunting violin solos.

Chris, thanks to his genius web searching, has found a band we adore! Dubbed the Bell/Blake duo, this team hails from New York City, but plays within 500 miles and for an incredibly affordable price. Chris has already written them, and they responded quickly, saying they're interested, though they're not booking until after the New Year. They would be perfect for both ceremony, cocktail, and the reception--their range wide enough for soft and airy as well as for a party time hoedown. We're already planing a trip to hear an audition.

Check out their tunes here!

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