Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wedding Supper: We're Thinking Cornbread

So we're in the beginning stages of selecting courses for our wedding supper in the Carriage House, and trying to narrow things down. We've perused the lists of two caterers recommended by Oatlands: RSVP and Amphora. Both are lovely and affordable, and we think we can pull together something quite tasty! However, we have to admit: we're really feeling cornbread. It's true: we want cornbread.

Overall, with the rustic feel of Oatlands, we are thinking we'd like the food to also be homey and genuine, have a kick of autumn to it in the Virginia heartland. We are open to ideas, many ideas, and anything that works well--you guessed it--with cornbread. I am soliciting thoughts. Suggestions. Brainstorms. All of the above.

We will need a first course (salad, preferably), main entree (some kind of beef or chicken), cocktail appetizers for right after the reception, and possibly cute little tarts in addition to wedding cake (though this latter is optional).

I'm looking for recipes. Alice thanks you. And her cornbread fettish. We both thank you.

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