Monday, October 6, 2008

Wedding Supper: Caterers?

Mom and I had a good long brainstorming session last night about a good many wedding-related items, among them catering and cuisine for our Carriage House wedding supper.

Oatlands recommends a number of caterers in the area--two of which seem particularly promising: Amphora and Organix by RSVP. Both would do a family style, sit-down dinner, which would be lovely, and the price to feed 60-70 people seems (thank god) affordable.

We're registered on November 6th to go and sample the food prepared by RSVP; however, Amphora has yet to announce their cuisine sampling date. When they do, rest assure we will be there with our napkins fixed to our collars and our knives and forks ready to savor!

Until then...

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