Saturday, May 30, 2009

Holy crap, four freaking months to go

So, yeaaaahhhhh. Where did the last TEN months go? It feels like only yesterday that Chris was kneeling in front of me, holding out an arctic diamond, asking me to marry him. Time, as they say, freaking flies.

Wedding planning, I've decided, is one hell of a time suck, a black hole of quantum proportions you don't realize you're lost in until it's too late.

The only cure, really, are LISTS. Lots and lots of lists. Items I put on lists only to cross them off in the name of completion, satisfaction.

So, in the spirit of calm, I'm placating myself with yet another list: what we've accomplished in May. Indulge me. Or not.

Here we go:
  • Finalized booking with Judy Gerow, florist. Sent in first payment.
  • Sent Judy color swatches of purple and browns to help design the wedding flowers. She'll handle all glass for reception and cocktail hour, in addition to bouts, pin-ons, bouquets, and all sprigs for favor boxes and napkins.
  • Purchased more lace + electric candles for votives/favor boxes.
  • Booked horse and carriage at Harmon's for wedding day.
  • Received wedding invitations, reception cards, envelopes, table cards, and they're all beautiful.
  • Sent table cards, wedding envelopes, and specifications to calligrapher at The Blooming Quill. Plan to get them back on 6.4.
  • Selected stamp design for wedding envelopes.
  • Designed sample rehearsal dinner postcard invitations.
  • Purchased a few sample wedding shoes to try on with dress.
  • Booked dance lessons; had first session on 5.28.
  • Eliminated need for place cards at reception tables.
  • Decided on expresso paper leaves and purple flowers for escort cards.
  • Began brainstorming on escort card presentation via trees or canvas of trees and easel.
  • Created beverage matrix; sent to mom and dad for selection and purchase.
  • Selected wedding beer: Octoberfest + big jugs 'o beer from MA
  • Selected reading passage for ceremony.
  • Decided on cover design for ceremony programs.
  • Chris picked out a possible suit for the wedding.
  • Received Jen's dress in the mail.
  • Ordered sample table card holders (vintage frog pins).
What's left for June? A whole hell of a lot:
  • Make glass votives.
  • Order more lace for favor boxes. Almost there, but not quite.
  • Continue dance lessons. Work on first dance.
  • Stuff and stamp invitations! Mailing date? 1st week of July (three months before).
  • Send florist sample favor box + napkin for design concept.
  • Drop off glassware + twine with florist.
  • Send Washington Post engagement announcement.
  • Chris needs to finalize suit; inform groomsmen of size, make, color.
  • Purchase fabric for bouts and pin-ons + give to mom to start sewing.
  • Purchase ribbon for bouts and pin-ons.
  • Chris needs to write his damn bio for the website.
  • Finish registering: Target (we totally need a vacuum cleaner).
  • Test out decor in dance hall of Carriage House: signs, table measurements, styles of lights, branch placement, escort leaves, etc.
  • Secure a screen and projector for the rehearsal dinner.
  • Show McClinch 'rents rehearsal invite options.
  • Finalize table card holders.
  • Finalize number of signs needed at Oatlands, in Carriage House--either make ourselves or work with Willie in NYC again.
  • Purchase fiddlehead fern--for possible table card holders and for bouts + pin-ons.
  • Decide on display of favor boxes.
  • Decide on display of escort cards.
  • Think about an after party and/or brunch the day following the ceremony.
  • Send Somer all invitees to bachelorette party.
  • Send mom and grandma all invitees to bridal shower.
  • Continue work on logistics plan, schedules, etc. for ATrendy and Oatlands coordinators.
  • Make a planning appointment with our musicians; continue selecting music pieces.

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