Saturday, May 16, 2009

Adventures in Rehearsal Dinner Planning: Chicken and Fish & A Whole Lot of Stationary

So, our rehearsal dinner venue JUST informed me that we need to have our rehearsal dinner guests select their entree option (either chicken or fish) before the event. AND that we'll have to figure all this out. AND that we have to set out freaking place cards for each guest with their names and selected entrees so that guests know where to sit and waiters know what to serve whom. Because god forbid someone get the wrong flipping entree.

In short, I'm grinding my teeth right now, mostly because I'm trying to work out the stationary situation, which is like wedding stationary planning, but twice as annoying. It's like having to cook up a side dish after you've spent hours perfecting the entree. I'm just plain worn out.

Okay, so, my bitching aside, the postcard option will still work, we'll just have to add "chicken or fish, freaking pick one," to the verbage. Another option is to go with this cute design from the Inviting Company peeps, who have cool looking invites but a website that is sure to give you a 24-hour migraine.

This design works with our colors, theme: it has the oval center, the expresso accents, and a bit of purple thrown in. I received a sample today, and hope to show KaJe the postcards and this sample as well. Maybe it will help resolve the chicken and fish situation.

Stay tuned. More to follow. As always. I put the F-U into the FUN OF WEDDING PLANNING.

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