Sunday, May 17, 2009

Decisions in The Name of Freaking Sanity

I'm panicking; I need to make decisions, I need answers. Bear with me.

A few choices I've made in the last five minutes.

Like I said, bear with me.

We're not doing them. Reasons?
  1. It's impossible to seat every individual while accommodating their needs: rightys, leftys, clautrophobia, an intense fear of red heads, name whatever bizarre thing you can think of.
  2. Assigned seats are stuffy and go against my nature.
  3. I'd prefer folks just find their way, once they've reached their assigned table. It's not that hard, and we've only invited intelligent people (we hope). If you're not intelligent or can't independently arrive at a place to seat yourself, then I hate you and you're officially uninvited. Seriously. This is not a joke.
  4. I don't have the energy.
  5. Did I mention I don't have the energy? Great, moving on.
Programs At The Ceremony
We're having one.
  1. Going with Bella Figura's design, the cover, NOT the panel.
  2. We'll write the text as we finalize the flow/plan for the ceremony.
  3. We'll need the text finalized by August, so Bella Figura can print.
  4. I'd like to include thank yous to friends and family, a brief personalized note to each "group" of significant people in our lives.
  5. I'd like to include a memoriam.
  6. I'd like to include the wedding party.
Escort Card Presentation
We're getting closer.
  1. Don't want to use a table. I'm trying to limit the amount of tables we have in the dance hall area. At the very least, we'll have a bar table (We Party rental) and Oatlands' pretty dark wood table for the guest book table.
  2. Would prefer to display the escort cards more uniquely. Thinking of purchasing a dark wood easel, getting a canvas/surface of some kind and either pinning the leaves on it, or painting watercolor tree branches and pinning the leaves on them (creating a bas relief effect).
  3. Easel would be to the left of the guest table, and take up far less room than another damn table.
  4. Did I mention I'm trying to limit the amount freaking tables in this space? Great, moving on.
Favor Box Presentation
A huge freaking question mark
  1. Again, want to eliminate the need for a table.
  2. Other options: (a) hang on the back of each guest's chair, write "eat me" or "take me" (probably the latter) on a little tag or card (which has an Alice in Wonderland effect, which is cool) or (b) stack them in a basket, bucket, or some other cute barrel thing.
Okay, I feel better. Some decisions made. I can breathe. I can sleep. I need to do both.

Over and out,


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