Saturday, May 9, 2009

Did Someone Say Alcohol?

So, we're in charge of buying and bringing all the liquor, beer, wine, and champagne, as our caterer only covers mixers, soda, iced/hot tea, water, and coffee. I found this breakdown in Real Simple of what to buy and how much of it, so below I've listed out their recommendation.

Dad is in charge of wine and champagne, and Chris and I can cover the liquor and beer. Chris has LOTS of great ideas for autumn/October-themed brands, so stay tuned (!) for details. We also welcome any beer favorites with a fall, harvest flavor.

Here are Real Simple's recommendations--one estimated for 50 guests, and one for 100. We're probably somewhere in between for 70-80.

Serves 50:
  • Red Wine: 10 bottles
  • White Wine: 6 bottles
  • Champagne: 10 bottles
  • Beer: 60 bottles
  • Vodka: 2 bottles
  • Gin: 1 bottle
  • Rum: 1 bottle
  • Bourbon: 2 bottles
  • Scotch: 1 bottle
  • Port (TBD by Chris): 2 bottles
Serves 100 guests:
  • Red Wine: 12 bottles
  • White Wine: 12 bottles
  • Champagne: 20 bottles
  • Beer: 120 bottles
  • Vodka: 4 bottles
  • Gin: 2 bottles
  • Rum: 2 bottles
  • Bourbon: 2 bottles
  • Scotch (blended): 1 bottles
  • Port (TBD by Chris): 3 bottles
To keep in mind: Planners estimate one drink per person per hour. For example, a bottle of wine or champagne contains five drinks; a liter of spirits contains 22. For each bottle of spirits you need three containers of mixers--club soda, tonic, juice, and so on. Bump up the numbers for a Saturday-night affair. Warm-weather or outdoor weddings call for more clear liquors (for vodka gimlets and gin-and-tonics), cocktail parties might prompt guests to order martinis, and sit-down dinners will necessitate plenty of wine.

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